Abandoned Puppy Clings To Jogger After Being Found In The Middle Of Nowhere

Nothing seemed out of place the morning this Greek man went out for his ordinary morning jog. He made his way down from his village along the busy highway, and turned into the small dirt road, surrounded by nothing but fields as far as the eye can see. Then, out of the blue, he heard the sweetest squeaky sobbing sounds from the bushes.

Suddenly, a starving white puppy emerged from between the bushes. Judging by the remoteness of the location, the man believes that the pooch was dumped, with no intention for him to ever be found. He was also dangerously close to a busy highway that could have ended his life very differently.


The pup was scared but instantly recognized that the jogger was a good man. He clung to the man and jumped around while making sweet, heartbreaking crying sounds. The man petted him and gave him endless belly rubs.


After he took the dog home with him to feed and bath him, the man contacted a local animal shelter who found him a loving forever home.

Watch the video the jogger took right after he found the doggo here:

Who could possibly abandon such a cheerful & loving furball? We’re just happy that this pooch now found a new loving home that will restore his faith in humans.


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