Abandoned Pregnant Pittie Is Found Wandering, Gets Her Own Maternity Shoot

Being a stray dog is a real struggle itself but having a litter inside the belly makes it even harder. A two-year-old pit bull was found exhausted last month with a big pregnancy belly, seemingly, was used for breeding.

Anima Control took the abandoned dog, Mama Pickels, and tried to contact her owners. It turned out they abandoned her and didn’t want anything to do with her.

The hapless dog was in a severe condition that the shelter couldn’t help her. 
Pits & Giggles Rescue, specializes in caring for pregnant and nursing mother dogs and their babies the pregnant pit bull in. Sweet Mama couldn’t contain her happiness and was ecstatic to make some new friends. With no further due, she kissed everyone and was super affectionate.

The owner of Enchanted Hills Photography, Sykes, dedicated her free time to photographing homeless dogs at the rescue in hopes of increasing their chances to find homes. When Mama came to the shelter, it was clear that she’s the next star of maternity photo shoot.

Mama Pickles was happy to participate; every ounce of attention was gold for her. She was so excited that it was almost impossible to get her sitting still.

Sykes tried several times to pose the bouncy dog so she could get good pictures, but Mama wouldn’t stop moving and made everyone around bust a gut. 

Mama’s huge belly and her clumsiness didn’t help them getting serious either – it was just too hilarious.

Although Mama Pickles was the bounciest thing, talented Sykes managed to take some incredible photos and all that was left to do was waiting for Mama to give birth.

Happily, the same weekend, she welcomed her eight beautiful girl puppies into the world – all healthy and adorable.

The canine family needed some time to rest, and after they gained some energy, they were ready for shooting time.

Mama Pickles enjoyed every moment posing for the camera with her newborns. The newborn photoshoot went perfectly smooth, and the canine mother watched over her babies all the way.

When the little girls will be weaned and ready, they will be up for adoption. For now, Mama Pickles pampers them with lots of love and affection, and the staff takes good care of them.

As it was crystal clear that Mama was used for breeding, the shelter will make sure that once her babies are weaned she will be spayed.

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