Abandoned Kitten Rescued from Certain Death

The kitten was found left without her mother when she was only a few hours old!


She took her first breaths in the world, while she was all by herself. 

Luckily, a compassionate rescuer named Chris saved her and brought her to the shelter right away. They started warming her up for she was cold as ice! Although they saved her, getting nurtured in a shelter isn’t ideal for a newborn kitten. 

They had to find a foster home who could give her the care she needs day and night.

The kitten’s rescuer, had to do something so he called Hannah Shaw an animal activist and the founder of the Orphan Kitten Club. 

Hannah didn’t wait for a second and rushed to the shelter. On a YouTube video Hanna said “These little ones can’t regulate their own body temperature. At this age, they have no gag reflex,”. She added, “The only thing that a kitten this age can do is move towards heat.”

Hanna had the honor to name her, ‘Rosalita’. Despite Rosalita’s condition she survived, it was clear she is going to make it because she was a real fighter. Her first night was comfy and cozy. 

Hannah was dedicated to save her, she had to feed her every two hours as if she were her mother.

Later, when she got stronger, the little fighter managed to eat all by herself and after two weeks she opened her eyes for the first time.


Hannah explains that many kittens are brought to shelters and euthanized before they can find a loving owner. It is important that if someone finds a kitten they first try to find its parents.


The kitten was a bit insecure at first, but Hannah gave her lots of confidence Rosa became the heart of the rescue, everyone fell in love with her. Her new foster dad, Andrew Marttila, is obsessed with her.

Rosa does some cute things; she loves falling asleep in her dad’s arms


The little kitten has the cutest smile, she figured how to manipulate people to get what she wants for she has a heart melting smile. 


Rosa’s friends say that despite her condition when they found her abandoned in the street, she thrives and grows to be a beautiful strong kitten.

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