Abandoned Kitten And Piglet That Was Rescued From The Meat Industry Comfort Each Other

It never ceases to amaze us that friendships in the animal kingdom blossom when they’re not restricted by the same boundaries that, at times, limit us humans. Yet another example of that is the friendship that formed between Laura the piglet, and Marina the kitten. The two met when they were brought in to the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie animal rescue shelter.

When Marina first arrived at the shelter she was a tiny and vulnerable kitten, that was abandoned by her mother. her condition was so dire, that had she has not been rescued, she probably wouldn’t have survived.

Laura’s beginning in life wasn’t a cheerful one either. Her mother was a breeder-pig for the meat industry, and Laura was destined to go to the slaughterhouse. The piglet was rescued by animal rights activists and brought to the shelter. When she first arrived she was so scared and anxious that she didn’t stop shivering for days.

Being the sweet soul that she is, Marina noticed that Laura the piglet needed comfort, and quickly took the task of providing it upon herself. Now, the two spend all day in each other’s company playing, cuddling, and sleeping together.

The video of them playing together is the sweetest thing you’ll see today:

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