Abandoned dog waiting for owner for 20 years

She hasn’t moved from her post in nearly a decade 

Dogs are known to be loyal, friendly and resilient, making for a human’s best friend. They stand by you in sickness and health, whether you are poor or rich, happy or sad. 

Our dogs are just a part of our family as any blood relative.

That’s why it might come as a shock to find this small corgi sitting in the street, who has been waiting for her owner for almost 10 years.

SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Every morning, Bokshil awaits at the entrance of the apartment near the guarding post, watching patiently as locals pass by. Her hope that one day her owner will come pick her up hasn’t diminished.

The now senior dog has been abandoned by her owner seemingly when he moved out, as a kind lady who feeds the dog daily said in an interview with SBS TV: “I heard the owner left it behind while moving. [The owner] probably lacked the resources to raise a dog.”

According to residents, Bokshil has been a regularly waiting 10 years now. Mistaking strangers to be her owner, she sometimes chases after people.

Luckily, kind-hearted neighbours provide food and water. As well as a bed to sleep in at night. But as soon as the sun rises, Bokshil is returning to her post.

Trying to move Bokshil proved impossible, as she has resisted resolutely each time.

Worried neighbours has managed to bring her to a veterinarian. She was diagnosed with senile cataract, a condition that prevents her from recognizing people from a distance.

People across social media has express heartbreak and concern.

One user wrote: “I wish the owner who drop that innocent dog is watching and his/her will be heartbroken seeing the dog nearly a decade waiting. What a shame! Thank you to the warm hearted citizens who takes care for her, God bless you more fold.”

“Someone should adopt this faithful dog!! If every house adopt a pet, there will be lesser stray animals on the street!! This world is full of in uncompassionate!!” said another.

Though nearly a decade has passed, Bokshil is unwavering in her loyalty.

As being and old dog, it is said that it’s best not to put her through drastic life changes. 

Watch the full video telling her heartbreaking story below.
We truly hope only the best for this much deserving and loving soul.

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