Abandoned Dog Is Found Keeping Warm By The Trash After His Family Moved Away

Some families think that abandoning their dogs when they move away is a legitimate act while they actually ruin the dog’s life.

Sadly, Ollie was left behind with the trash when his family moved away. He was found freezing, trying to keep himself warm on an old chair, which seemed like his favorite place in his house. He probably didn’t know that his family wasn’t about to come back to him.

According to neighbors, the family moved out and came back to take a younger dog they owned, but apparently, Ollie wasn’t worthy of their love. He was left there to fend for himself, but luckily a volunteer with Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG), Terri Looby, spotted Ollie one day during a call.

She said that the poor pooch was curled up as tight as possible just to keep warm, and as she went out of the car, he lifted his head and started wagging his tail. She used baby talk to gain his trust, and he didn’t wait for a second and licked her face.

Terri heard Ollie’s story from neighbors, and so she rushed to the vet’s clinic, where she learned that the sweet doggo had a broken femur and was emaciated.

Apparently, the abandonment of the neglected dog was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

DAWG wrote on social media about Ollie’s story, and many people started to offer to foster him.

It didn’t take long till they found him a loving family who also had two adorable Pugs.

His caretakers opened a charitable page to help fund the expensive surgery, and the results were heartwarming. People from all over the world donated, and the task was accomplished, the whole amount was raised.

Although Ollie wasn’t loved by his previous family, he is now loved by many people who heard about his heartbreaking story, and he is well-taken care of.

Ollie was adopted by an incredible family who showers him with love and affection and would never leave him behind.

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