A woman transforms her dog’s crate into the ultimate pooch paradise-home

Natasha Hammond from Warrington, UK, is a creative and crafty woman. She couldn’t stand the fact that her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Coco, was sleeping in a small crate under her stairs. Coco, on the other hand, loved his little corner. It was where he felt safest, and no matter what Natasha did, Coco always returned to sleep in his precious crate.

Natasha Hammond

One day Natasha decided she’s had enough of the crate, so she put her skills to use and created the most adorable room for Coco.

Natasha Hammond

Coco’s new presidential suite is fully-equipped to satisfy all of the pooch’s needs. It includes a comfortable bed, her very own toy box, food, and water bowls. The room is also punctiliously-designed with the dog’s portrait and decorative flowers that offer Coco a complete luxurious experience.

Natasha Hammond

She posted before and after pictures of the transformation to ‘Mrs. Finch Made Me Do It‘ DIY Facebook group, where she instantly received a shower of compliments. One group member wrote: “Absolutely fantastic brilliant idea and looks amazing”, while another added: “This is the best dog house I have ever seen”. Natasha was flattered, and couldn’t believe people’s reactions: “Wow wow wow thank you so much everyone, I’m absolutely blown away by your lovely comments. Thank you so much! My girl is so happy with her new space”.

As soon as Coco saw his new home he jumped right in. According to Natasha, her dog love’s his spacious home so much that he barely leaves it.

Natasha Hammond

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