A Tortoise and a Calf Become BFFs

Some stories are just so touching that you know fate was responsible to put everything together.

That’s probably the way Leonardo, the African spurred tortoise, felt when he first met Simon.

The tortoise and the cow would have never met if it weren’t for they’re circumstances. 

It all started at around 2013, when the zoo in Bangkok and the only place Leonardo ever called home since birth, had closed down. 

Leonardo and his extended family were rescued and transferred to a rescue house. Ever since then, he’s been leading a pretty free and cozy life, playing and enjoying an abundance of fields of green, delicious grass.

Three years had passed, and Leonardo has been having the time of his life. Simon, however, was in pretty bad shape; he was brought to the WFFT Rescue Center because he suffered from a severe leg injury, which even made him lose a part of his leg!

The poor fella was only playing with his mom when all of a sudden his leg was caught in some vines that tore the leg apart.

The professional vets at the WFFT have crafted an amazing prosthetic leg, so he could keep leading a happy and healthy life.

Although the prosthetic leg is a fantastic innovation, it takes a little while to get used to it. While Simon was figuring out how to balance his new way of walking, the rescue team believed that it would be better to keep him under observation, in an enclosed, wide field. 

Simon could recover more quickly alone in the field, and the vets could make sure that he’s getting used to his new leg properly. The vets were planning to move cutie Simon to a bigger field once he recovered. In the second field, two friendly cows were recuperating as well. They would have loved to play with him and exercise his newly healed leg.

So Simon was firstly headed to a supervised field, which was empty of cows. However, it was filled with a friendly, loving tortoise family – Leonardo’s family. 

When Simon first ran into Leonardo at the field, the vets weren’t sure what would happen. In an unexpected twist, they’ve actually become the best of friends!
It’s incredible to see! The two share their meals together, play together, and even sleep together. It’s adorable!

We hope that Simon and Leonardo will become BFFs and stay as close as they are now. 

Just look at how these two four-legged companions have fun together

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