A Rare Chance To See Your Favorite Animals’ X-Rays

We all have probably visited the zoo at least once. The cute animals are just fascinating, especially the wild ones, but we are even more curious to see how they look on the inside. The ZSL London Zoo was generous enough to share our favorite animals’ x-rays.

For those who have never been to the zoo before, you’ve probably seen pictures of cool animals on the internet or on National Geographic, but most of us have never seen how the mysterious animals look from the inside.  

The ZSL London Zoo has over 18,00 animals! They are all treated by the expert veterinarians who examine them on a regular basis.  Heather Macintosh, a veterinary nurse explains that x-rays are vital to monitoring an animal’s health.

Macintosh surveys all kinds of animals but her favorite animals to scan are snakes- their complex bone structure fascinates her.

The zoo has an incredible program in which kids can join the staff and get to see and even practice the team’s daily job. In the framework of the program, the zoo displays the animal x-rays so that everyone can see just cool they are.

Scroll down to see the amazing x-rays that the ZSL London Zoo has released 

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