A Pet Owner’s Guide For A Sparkling Clean And Healthy Home

Studies show that pet owners live happier and healthier lives, and it makes perfect sense. After all, they get regular exercise by taking their pets on walks, they receive infinite amounts of unconditional love and know that no matter how their day went, they’d always have a loyal friend waiting for them at home. But, being healthier and happier people, doesn’t necessarily mean living in healthier and happier homes.

Animals can get really dirty and smelly without a regular cleaning routine, they’re prone to carry parasites and germs, and when not properly house-trained are likely to defecate on your favorite carpet.


Besides being an obvious eyesore, living in a dirty house can also pose a serious health threat. Animal dander was found as one of the main sources of indoor air pollution. While it might not have an immediate impact, long exposure to polluted air can have a devastating effect on a person’s health, let alone, for those suffering from allergies or asthma. Toddlers are at an even higher risk of exposure to germs an animal might carry, given the fact that they crawl on the floor, and tend to put almost anything they find in their mouths.

But there’s no need to stress out just yet, luckily we’ve made a list of the most effective products that will help you keep your house (and pet) sparkling clean.

The first problem with having an adorable furball at home is, of course, the fur balls themselves. The first step of preventing a pet from shedding all over the place is being proactive and removing all excess hair from the animal before it even gets a chance to shed.

The most effective tool to have by your side for this task is a DeShedding Tool. The tool’s stainless steel pet comb easily reaches the top layer of the pet’s undercoat and effectively removes 90% of all loose hair and dandruff. Go Animals’ DeShedding Tool is the basic go-to solution for anyone with a furry friend at home.

But most pets aren’t too enthused about getting groomed or brushed, and won’t just lay still while you treat their loose hairs. If your pet is more on the energetic side, consider trying a Pet Grooming Glove. The glove’s silicone tips gently massage the pet and distract it from the grooming. the Grooming Gloves, effectively de-shed, remove excess hair and dirt, but, even more importantly, pets love it because it means they’re getting a fun stroking session.

While these products can significantly improve the situation, once the hair is off the pet, there’s no stopping it from getting all over the house, and the most aggravating destination? That’s right, your clothes and furniture. Hairs have an incredible ability to latch themselves to fabrics,
and make getting rid of them seem like an impossible task. Well, there is a way of removing your friend’s furry souvenirs, and it works like magic! A single stroke with Go Animals’ Magic Pet Fur Remover easily cleans hair, fur, dandruff, and lint, from clothes, car seats, sofas, and any other fabric. The bristles of the Fur Remover‘s brush collect the hair, and a single dip back in the magical base cleans the brush so you can move on to cleaning the next surface.

The next big issue that stops your house from being your spotless dream home, is those muddy paw prints that seem like an inevitable aftermath of every trip to the park. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on this one as well. Go Animals’Pet Paw Cleaner is an easy to use, compact cleaning device, designed especially for your pet’s gentle, yet very muddy paws. The Paw Cleaner’s soft silicone bristles efficiently remove the stubborn bits of dirt and mud, you often find under the fingernails and pads, and leave the pet’s legs nice and clean. You can also add some dog shampoo to the Pet Paw Cleaner if you’re in need of a more thorough wash.

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