A Party of 5 Adorable Puppies is Found On A Highway – They’re Still Looking for Forever Homes

In Saskatoon, Prince Albert highway, 5 adorable puppies were found in a box alongside the road. They were fortunate to be found by one curious good Samaritan, that stopped his car to see what was hidden inside the box they were held in.

The puppies are incredibly small, too small to be living without a mother. They were later estimated to be only 6 weeks old.

Prince Albert’s SPCA organization is urging citizens to step up and help with the situation. They’re asking for donations to supply the newborn pups such as dry puppy food and puppy milk replacer since their mother is nowhere to be found.

Now, the puppies are being taken care of by a loving foster family. Even though they’re a long way away from a forever home, these 5 siblings are quite lucky. The SPCA keeps looking for forever families to adopt the tiny youngsters and believes that they’ll start a new, happy life surrounded by love in no time.

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