A Missing Dog Was Found Playing In The Fields With A Dog And A Goat

Some random things happen in life that are just hard to cope with.   

Meet Bo, an adorable loving dog who loves hanging out with his family and go out for long walks. Bo is very friendly, one of his favorite things to do is looking for good company and explore the world.

 It was just another night in Bo’s life when he decided to sneak out of the house and go look for some adventures and didn’t think about going back home. His family found out that he wasn’t at home and so they started to get really worried. They went out looking for him for hours and Bo was nowhere to be seen.

So, where’s Bo? Is he ok? Maybe he can’t find his way back home or something happened to him.  

The Krier’s have heard that a dog who seemed like Bo had been seen in one of the fields in the area. The family was super excited, they immediately got into the car to start searching for Bo.

Bo wasn’t wandering distress all alone, he was playing and exploring the fields with two friends that he found; a dog and a goat.

Scroll down to see the hilarious video of the moment they found the three of them.

The Krier’s knew both of them, they even knew their names, Ozzy and Libby who belong to their neighbors, so they decided to give them a ride back home.

It seemed like Bo went to the pair’s place to pick them up and go exploring some fields. Luckily the bizarre scenario was filmed because no one would believe them without a documentation Gladly, everyone was safe and sound and they all got back home to their loving families.

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