A Dog and His Fellow Cat Prove That Canines and Felines Can Be Friends

We all know that the media perpetuates the hatred between felines and canines, but true animal lovers know that this is nothing but a myth!

The sweet beagle, Bo, and Jasper the cat both demonstrate that the love between a cat and a doggy could truly blossom. Their owner, Lisa Plummer from North Liberty, Indiana, had recently shared on Facebook an adorable video of the two hugging and watching birds.

The two are genuine brothers and do everything together. They like sharing fun and exciting moments, which Lisa usually cleans up after. 

It’s heartwarming for the loving human mommy to see what a fantastic relationship the two share. Their video is a living proof of their affectionate bond.

In the video, you can see Bo jumping on the sofa, joining Jasper near the window, and cuddling with him. He rests his paw on Jasper’s back like their reminiscing about old times. 

Together, they love to watch the birds in complete silence. According to Lisa, most of the time, the dynamic duo looks for chaos, so this behavior is really out of character. However, she enjoyed watching them so peacefully together. 

Watch the video below to enjoy the incredible, one-of-a-kind love the two share.

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