A Crow Or A Rabbit? We’ll Leave You To Decide

It seems like the world’s wars and fights have ended, and now, the world is divided into two new groups; the crow group and the rabbit group. Which side do you take? It all comes down to the one question- is it a rabbit or a bird?

People are watching this video over and over and still can’t decide whether it’s a rabbit or a crow. In the past year, there have been plenty of viral pictures which created some optical illusions and made our eyes work extra hours. From arguing whether it’s a beach or a blue door, to seeing different dress colors, those pictures have surely drawn the internet’s attention.
As the controversial video was shared on Imgur and later was spread all over social media, the question remains, is- ‘Is it a crow or a rabbit’. An unknown person slowly pets the little creature. For one second, it looks like a crow, but when we look at its beak as rabbit ears, the whole picture is changed in our eyes.

Here’s the controversial video:

Quoth the Raven ‘awwww yissss’

The video caption mentioned that it was a rabbit who got stroked on its nose, which led people to think it was a rabbit. But after a few looks, the rabbit ears look like a bird’s beak, and the whole going back and forth begins.

Dan Quintana

The viral video has been viewed no less than over 3 million times and received many comments and reactions!

After watching the video over 20 times, we believe that the black creature is more likely to be a bird. Arguing whether it’s a bird or a rabbit isn’t enough, people now argue which kind of bird is it. The original post on Imgur calls it a raven. With that, some say it’s a raven, while others claim it’s a crow, but does it really matter?

What do you think?

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