A Blind Puppy Mill Survivor Gets a Chance at a Promising Future

Puppy mills are horrible, they keep puppies and their mothers in unsanitary conditions, ignoring all their needs. It is common for puppy mill dogs to be sick and unsocialized and uncared for.

Meet Ashton, a 3-year-old puppy mill survivor. Ashton is an American Eskimo dog that wasn’t lucky as his siblings. He was born with physical flaws that prevented the puppy mill from putting him for sale.

Unfortunately, most of the time animals cannot help themselves for they are locked by humans, it is the mercy of others that can help them. Some are lucky and some aren’t lucky enough. Luckily Ashton’s story ended with a happy ending.

The disabled dog was born blind with a cleft palate that made it seems as he had two noses. His unusual look took him off-market. But luckily, there are also gracious people in the world, there were several families that wanted to adopt him despite his disabilities.

Adorable Ashton was brought to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary by The Humane Society, but it wasn’t his forever home. Leah Hawkins fostered Ashton. She explained that she had never had a special needs dog before and was worried that other dogs might pick on him. However, everything turned out to be totally fine.

Leah calls him “cinnamon bun nose” and can’t get enough of him. Ashton is so happy to have his new life.

Ashton’s profile says “They say I was a ‘foster fail,’”. “I live with my 3 fur brothers and a fur sister arriving May 7th from Morocco.” This dog is the opposite of ‘fail’ he survived the awful puppy mill and made everyone fall in love with him, it’s a story of success.

Pibborafi Inc.’s website says “In late 2015, a group of veteran toy designers from Italy, Iceland, the United States and England collaborated on a collection of lightweight, palm-sized children’s toys designed after real-life rescued dogs. The toys would also be passed along to rescues and shelters to be used for fundraising.”

CEO of the company, Darrin Wilson said: “Our mission is to support and encourage rescuing and adopting your pets, not buying them.”

You won’t believe it but Ashton might be the new face of a company! Pibborafi Inc. designs small children’s toys designed based on dogs rescued in real life. Vote for Ashton on pibborafi’s Instagram account. How to vote for Ashton? Like the nominations post, and comment ‘ash_ton_o_love’.

Leah and we hope that Ashton will be the new face of the good cause, he really deserves it and we believe that his inspiring story could affect and touch lots of people all over the world.

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I’m just a happy pup full of love and happiness!

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