A 2-Year-Old And Her Beloved Dog Have Created An Adorable Secret Language

2-year-old Everlee from Washington State has a unique friend who is a dog named Dude. The two are living proof that friendships can be in all forms and colors. From the day they met, they have been undivided.

The first thing we didn’t tell you is that sweet Everlee has epilepsy which has delayed her speech development. The second thing is that Dude is a huskey, a breed that’s known for its talkative trait. Everlee is not alone! Dude is there to show her that she always has someone who understands her and there for her. 

They maintain their special bond using an adorable language that smitten everyone who hears it. Their convos seem quite deep, and we can only wish that we could understand what is it that they talk about so passionately.

Is it more hilarious or adorable? We’ll let you decide:

Their new speaking style has gone so viral, yet, the things they say are top secret. No one understands Everlee better than her beloved dog, Dude and no one gets him like his human sibling, Everlee. The language they share is mysterious and adorable, and we just can’t get enough. Does anyone have a dictionary?

What do you think?

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