A 17-Year-Old Rescuer Rescues Multiple Cats

Alley Cat Rescue has a dedicated rescuers team that is always there to help and better the cats’ lives in LA community. One of the dedicated rescuers is Drew, a 17-year-old from Los Angeles.

He got a call and was asked to trap a few feral cats so the rescue could neuter and spay them.

Drew went to trap the cats right away; he was surprised to see three kittens, one of them was super friendly female kitten while the others were a bit scared.

It wasn’t easy to trap her siblings, but he didn’t want to separate the trio. After several attempts, he finally succeeded and the siblings were reunited.

The dedicated young man rescued the three kittens, the mother, and 9 other adult cats so that the Alley Cat Rescue could give them the treatments they needed.

Apparently, there were more stray cats out there The next day, Drew got another call from the caretaker saying that he had found a community cat hiding her five kittens.

The young rescuer was surprised to hear that there were more kittens waiting to be rescued. Even though their mom hid them under a closet it wasn’t hard to notice them since they were meowing pretty loud.

Drew went there right away to give them yummy food and take them to the Alley Cat Rescue.

Thanks to the caring Alley Cat Rescue team, all the adult cats were neutered and spayed but the care didn’t end there, a caretaker named Cesar still takes care of feral cats daily and even fosters a few cats at home.

All the kittens have found loving foster homes that love them and show them the good sides of a cat’s life. Their fosters spoil the kittens with yummy food and fun toys.

The director of operations of the Alley Cat Rescue said there were medically taken care of so there’s no reason to be worried about them.

It’s the second year in which Drew saves stray animals, seeing the rescued animals thriving is the most rewarding feeling. He’s there to help whenever he’s needed because he truly believes in the agenda of his service. 

One of the most rewarding things in his rescuing service is knowing that he gives kittens and adult cats better lives and moreover knowing that he contributes to the ongoing fight against the neglection of feral cats.

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