9-Year-Old Uses His Pocket Money To Feed Stray Dogs And Established A No-Kill Shelter

While we are all busy with our daily routine, we might overlook those who need us, at times, it could be the smallest thing they need from us that will save their lives.

9-year-old Ken Amante from the Philippines was an animal lover who enjoyed spending time with strays instead of being disgusted by them. The compassionate boy saw the hardship they had been going through and tried to help them in all sorts of ways.

My son feeding stray dogs (Philippines)

As he became closer and dedicated more time to spend with them, his parents started to wonder what their child did every day in his free time. 

They learned that he would go every day to the grocery store to get food using his pocket money. Ken’s father was curious to know what his child was doing with the food he bought, so he followed him and was shocked to see that his child was using his pocket money to feed homeless dogs.

Many dogs were emaciated. There were puppies as well, and Ken named them Whitey and Brownie. They lived with an adult dog who believed to be their mother, Blackie. The poor dogs were covered in sores and had all kinds of diseases.

Although the strays weren’t used to being close to humans, the poor pups were grateful for every little piece of food they were given by precious Ken. His dad was astonished by the sight and captured his goodhearted child feeding the homeless dogs, and the photos were spread like wildfire as soon as they were published on Imgur.

The boy inspired the world, and fortunately, many started to donate. Ken wanted to do something meaningful for the dogs. He said to HNGN via video: “Actually, I always loved animals, even when I was young. I was fond of them even when I was small. My parents told me that before I could even talk, I was already sleeping with my dad’s cat, Hajime-kun. Hajime-kun is 14 now, and he’s still here.”

And finally, at the age of 9, Ken’s dream to open a no-kill shelter came true. The young boy used the donations to establish “The Happy Animals Club”.

His goal is to save as many dogs as he can from being killed. Ken’s family rented a 10,000 square feet plot and fenced it. Ken doesn’t say no to other animals, he welcomes all the creatures in need.

Happy Animals Club

Brownie, Whitey, and Blackie were the first to live at the shelter and was quickly recovered. The trio was given the medical care they needed and a loving shelter.

Ken’s animal shelter’s website says: “Since 2014, we’ve rescued more than 100 starving and sick animals, and provided countless meals to hungry strays.”

The young boy is grateful for all the support, and as he rescues more animals, he needs more donations and volunteers.

Ken never believed that his wildest dream would come true, and there he is rescuing countless dogs.

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