89-Year-Old Woman Knitted 450 Blankets And Dog Coats For Shelter Puppies

There are no excuses when it comes to giving back to society. An incredible 89-year-old woman decided out of the good of her heart to knit 450 blankets and coats for puppies.

Instagram: dogstrust

The British charity organization “Dog Trust”, which have been working for 127-year-old aims to find caring families for homeless dogs. They published the amazing story on Instagram and said that the kind woman named Maisie Green, spends her time knitting coats and blankets for their charity organization.

The hero loves knitting and so she decided to make something good out of it. Her love for dogs drives her to do this incredible deed, she didn’t knit one or two blankets or coats but 450 of them! She said that the combination of knitting and the love for dogs is what kept her knitting for 3 days. Maisie is an example of a real hero.

The big-hearted woman never stops, one time of donating to the lovely dogs isn’t enough for her, she donates her creations to the dog shelter three times a year! Maisie has the support of her family; they drive her to the shelter and help her transport the knitted creations.

There are people volunteering at the dogs’ shelter every now and then but Maisie is one of the volunteers who’s known as someone to come and help regularly in the biggest dog welfare charity in the UK.

This organization is a special one, they take care of over than 16,000 homeless dogs and one of their unique policies is never putting a healthy dog to sleep.
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