84 Chihuahuas And Other Dozens Of Pets Found Under The Same Roof Now Looking For Homes

Chihuahua EMERGENCY! Few horrible cases were revealed by a Humane Investigation Team and shocked the whole world.

An animal shelter in Cleveland is facing unexpected hardship and need the community’s help! Four houses full of dogs and cats were discovered including one house with no less than 84 Chihuahuas and two other dogs living in cramped conditions under the same roof!

Cleveland Animal Protective League wrote on Facebook about an enormous number of animals taken in by their Humane Investigations Team and the shelter is flooded.

The poor animals were found in a filthy place, and were in bad shape; most of them were emaciated, covered with fleas and dehydrated.

The local shelter in Cleveland, Ohio (KDKA) is now overflowing with 89 cats and 90 dogs on top of the animals they already had!

One of the most shocking cases is a house full of 84 Chihuahuas and two other canines held in unsatisfactory living conditions.

The shelter is in an emergency situation and in order to find the rescued pets caring families as soon as possible, the overflowing shelter has reduced adoption fees to $50 for dogs and $10 for adult cats till TODAY!The shelter which houses the Chihuahuas is about 2 hours by car from Pittsburgh. They are available and looking for FURever homes! Those who are interested in adopting an adorable Chihuahua or other pet are invited to stop by the website to fill up an adoption application.

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