8-Year-Old Girl Receives Gifts From The Crows She Feeds

Gabi Mann is an adorable 8-year-old from Seattle, Washington, who’s always had a special relationship with crows. She’s been consistently feeding the birds every day, ever since she was four, and the crows know just the way to repay her. Every day the little girl receives a special delivery of gifts that the crows leave her as a tribute for her love and care.

The gifts the girl receives vary, but usually consist of shiny scraps such as LEGO bricks, buttons, and other items the birds find lying around. Once the little girl even received a heart-shaped piece of metal that said “best”. It makes you wonder if the crow has the other half that says “friends”.

Even though the 8-year-old girl receives a staggering amount of gifts from the crows, she doesn’t take them for granted. She wraps every item individually, labels them, and puts them in a box, which no one else is allowed to touch.

It seems that Gabi and the crows share a mutual love that will only grow stronger with time.

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