79-Year-Old Lady Sentenced To Jail For Feeding Community Cats

Neighbors in Cleveland, Ohio have been complaining to officials for years about a lady’s property that is crowded with tens of community cats.

79-year-old Nancy Segula, the property owner, claims that the former neighbor abandoned them there. Community officials tried to team up with Segula in order to decrease the number of cats in the neighborhood. The feline lover wouldn’t cooperate and continued to maintain the situation by feeding them.

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For Segula, the community cats were something positive to hold on after the loss of her husbands and cats back in 2017. The cats keep coming to her house, and feeding them brings her lots of joy. 

The lady has been charged on several violations, and she was ordered to begin her sentence on August 11.

Here’s the story:

Feeding stray animals was a violation of City Ordinance, and so she was convicted of several violations along the years, and she didn’t stop. She already paid $2,000 in fines, and now the 79-year-old got ten days in the county jail. She feels like going to jail for feeding cats is unreasonable.

FOX 8 News Cleveland

Her son was shocked as well, he couldn’t believe that his friendly mother was going to serve time in jail. Plus, there was a big fuss around the sentence.

FOX 8 News Cleveland

Luckily, later on, a judge decided to overview the case, and reportedly, Garfield Heights Municipal Court Judge Jennifer Weiler will give the feline lover another hearing.

Tim Riley, the city legal director, said that while there are a lot of animal lovers in the city, there are also those who don’t support the feeding of the strays.

Twenty-two cats have been taken from the 79-year-old’s property by city officials.

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