76 Ducklings Caught On Video Following Their Adoptive Mother

Nature is full of stories that show us how adopting someone in need is the most natural thing. Some species, like the Common Merganser Duck in this story, are known for collecting orphaned ducklings during migration, and (literally) taking them under their wing. Luckily, this adorable moment, when 76 ducklings were following their adoptive mother across the lake, was caught on camera for all of us to enjoy.

Brent Cizek is a seasoned wildlife photographer that thought that he had seen it all. Cizek bought a small boat and drove up to Lake Bemidji, Minnesota, hoping to snap a few pictures of whatever comes along. When he got to the lake, things didn’t look as promising as he had hoped though. It was very windy, and his little boat rocked from side to side from the small, yet very fierce waves. It seemed like mother nature was telling him to pack his gear and head back home.

On his way back to the docks, Cizek spotted a female Common Merganser, which as the name suggests, isn’t a very rare sighting. The thing that was extraordinary though, was the unusually long trail of ducklings that followed her. While most ducks have anywhere around a dozen ducklings, this one had at least 76! Cizek assumes that the mamma duck gathered her unusually large brood, from orphaned ducklings she collected along the way.

We admire the wonderful mamma duck, for caring for each and every duckling as if he was her’s from birth, and hope that they all reach their destination safely. What an inspiration to us all!

Watch the video of the 76 adorable ducklings following their adoptive mother across the lake here:

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