6-Year-Old Boy Was Devastated After Losing His Dog, So His Parents Took Him To The Shelter

Katie and Chris Downs sadly lost a family member recently. It was their loyal dog Mellow that has been with them since before they were married. Despite knowing Mellow for the least amount of time, Leo, their son, was the one who took Mellow’s loss the hardest. 

The two were best friends. Leo had his loyal dog ever since he was a baby. When Leo cried at night, Mellow was the first one to come and comfort him. Leo didn’t know how he could go on without his beloved doggo. Chris and Katie noticed that their son was devastated by the loss. They knew he was in desperate need of a new four-legged friend, so they decided to take him to the shelter.

 Chris Downs/Facebook | Katie Downs/Facebook

It might have been fate or maybe just sheer luck, but the Stray Rescue of St. Louis had an adorable puppy that looked just like a smaller version of Mellow. The pup, called Nutty Buddy, had an almost exact white mark on his face and similar coat color. As soon as the couple saw the doggo they knew he’s going to be a perfect match for their heartbroken boy.

In fact, they were so certain of their successful match, that they decided to keep the news from Leo. The couple told their son that they are making a stop to “drop donations” at the shelter, on the way home from school.

The moment Leo finally met Nutty Buddy and saw his familiar face for the first time, he is hit by every emotion imaginable. The boy obviously finds the surreal situation too much to comprehend, and helplessly bursts into tears. After pulling himself together, the boy embraces his new friend and pets the adorable doggo.

 Chris Downs/Facebook | Katie Downs/Facebook

We hope that Leo and Nutty Buddy will have countless unforgettable moments in each other’s company. Leo is very lucky to grow with a pooch that will love him unconditionally and comfort him when he’s down.

Watch the heartwarming moment the two first met in the video below. Make sure to have a package of tissues nearby:

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