5 Fun Facts About Tuxedo Cats

When we say adorable and boujie, we mean Tuxedo cats. The beautiful cats are royal and wear stunning coats. It is no secret that feline lovers are hooked on these unique cats, so we decided to treat you with fun facts about them.

1. They are named for their bi-colored fancy fur colors.

Are they black with white patterns or vice versa? Tuxedo cats have unique and royal color patterns that can be quite different on every cat. Although there are lots of black and white tuxedo cats, they can be silver, orange, and grey as well.

2. Their coat patterns are caused by their genetics.

Although their coats’ coloring is fabulous and looks like fashionista designed every small detail, their unique patterns are irregular for they are a mix of few breeds.

3. Tuxedo cats are not a specific breed.

As tuxedo cats aren’t recognized as a specific breed, there are various breeds that partially consist of tuxedo cats genetics such as American Shorthairs, Norwegian Forest Cats and Persians.

4. Each and every one of them has a unique character.

While they all wear bi-colored coats, it doesn’t mean that they all have the same personality. Tuxedo cats are known for their high intelligence, but like any creature, they are different on the inside. 

5.  There are plenty of famous tuxedo cats.

One royal cat was The Clinton’s tuxedo cat during Bill Clinton’s administration. Well-known characters, including Beethoven, Willian Shakespeare, and Sir Isaac Newton, favored tuxedo cats the most. Looney Toons’s star, Sylvester was a tuxedo cat as well as Dr. Suess’ The Cat In The Hat.

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