4 Tings To Consider Before Buying Pet Toys

Whether they bounce, squeak or make the perfect cuddle buddy, almost every pet loves to get new toys. But buying the right pet the wrong toy can have devastating consequences. Here’s a shortlist of things you’d want to consider the next time you’re buying animal toys for your four-legged buddy.

What do you want to get out of it?

While it may seem like the most trivial thing to some, the first question you should ask yourself when buying

 for your pet animal is what exactly you want to get out of it.

If you have a clingy dog or one that suffers from separation anxiety, a treat-dispensing toy like the Chew Treat Ball can easily distract your pet and keep it busy while you’re away.

On the other hand, if you have an anxious pet that gets frightened easily, a comforting plush toy might help it overcome its fears, just as long as it doesn’t have a very loud squeaker that can scare it. If you want to help care for your furry friend’s dental health, a rigid rubber chew toy can help clean and strengthen its teeth. In other words, choosing the right toy for your pet starts by determining what exactly you want to get out of it.

When it comes to your pet animal’s toys, size matters A LOT!

Just like pets vary greatly in shapes and sizes, their toys do too. Getting your pet a toy that is too big isn’t such a big deal. It’s the ones that are too small that you’ll want to avoid at all costs…

Toys that are designed to fit animals smaller than yours, can cause suffocation or result in the pet swallowing them. You should always look to see what size animals (and sometimes breeds) a toy is suitable for.

Personality matters too…

Some dogs are natural-born toy shredders that can rip their toys to pieces in a matter of minutes. Others are gentle little snuggle balls, that just want something to cuddle with. Every dog is unique and enjoys different things – so the toys you choose should match your dog’s personality.

Another important factor to consider is age. An energetic adult dog can easily harm itself by breaking plastic toys that are designed for younger puppies. Make sure to always check that the toys aren’t too robust or too delicate for your furbaby.

Is it easy to clean?

And we’re not just asking that for cosmetics reasons. Investing in toys that are easily disassembled for cleaning will naturally extend their lifespan. Just as importantly, hygiene is as important for pets as it is for humans, so keeping your animal’s toys nice and clean is a must, and having toys that’s easy to clean, simply makes them easier to maintain.

To conclude – not all pets are created equal, and their toys are just the same. It’s important to make sure that the toys you pick for your pets match their size, personality, and the goals you want to achieve by giving them the toy in the first place. It’s essential to stick to a cleaning routine, and hand or machine wash your pet’s toys, to guarantee their health and safety.

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