3-Legged Dog Lived In A Shoebox For 5 Months Before Someone Finally Rescued Her

The volunteers of Hope For Paws are unfortunately used to seeing animals in dreadful conditions. This next case was so shocking that it overwhelmed even their most experienced volunteers. A poor 3-legged dog was living in a shoebox for five months before anyone came to help her. The doggo’s state, both mentally and physically, was far beyond disturbing.

The Poor 3-Legged Dog In THe Shoebox

Hope for Paws, a Los Angeles based rescue organization, received a text message from a concerned neighbor who saw the poor pooch hiding in a shoebox in someone’s yard. The woman who contacted the organization, wrongly assumed that the 3-legged Chihuahua belonged to the people living in that house. She reached out to them, and they told her that the dog was a stray who wound up in their yard 5 months earlier. She presumably stayed there, because the family kept feeding her.

The poor dog was so weak that she could barely move. When one of the volunteers reached to pet her, she was surprised to find that the pooch was soaking wet. She didn’t even have enough strength to find shelter from the rain. The volunteers neared her carefully and leashed her. The dog was obviously scared. Despite that, the dog seemingly understood that without those people’s help, she wouldn’t be able to make it for much longer.

The volunteers bathed and fed the poor pooch

The volunteers named the pooch Princess, out of hope that from that moment forward she will be treated like one. They brought her back to the shelter for a nice warm bath and a meal. After getting some rest, the pooch received treatment for her life-threatening anemia. It took Princess three months to fully recover. Over her time at the shelter, Princess opened up to show her true colors. Princess is a lively cheerful pooch that loves to run around cuddle and holds absolutely no grudge towards humans. She is ready for a brighter chapter in her life. For the time being, Princess is simply happy to be noticed and loved by the kind people of Hope For Paws.

They named her Princess out of hope that from now on she will be treated like one

Watch the heartwarming rescue of the adorable 3-legged dog that lived in the shoebox here:

Hope For Paws have many other furry creatures with similar background stories that are in desperate need of a home. Feel free to visit their website, to check out the animals they offer for adoption, or to leave a donation.

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