26-Pound Cat Goes Viral And Causes Website To Crash

The 26-pound cat has drawn so much attention that the shelter’s website crashed.
Meet Mr. BeeJay, a 26-pound adorable chonk from Philadelphia. This Philly boy has taken over the internet with his overweight (to say the least) body. Who could resist 26 pounds of adorableness?

Once the Morris Animal Refuge spread the rumor about the big feline, he immediately went viral, but for some reason, he hasn’t been adopted yet. It goes without saying that this adorable cat will take up more space than the average cat, but 26-pound of happiness surely makes up for this.
The furry creature weighs more than twice the average adult cat but the more, the merrier. Dogs aren’t his best friends but he is friendly and loving to others. He deserves the best family that would take care of him and get him in shape.

Morris Animal Refuge

Although there’s lots of fuss around his weight, the affectionate soul isn’t really happy to be homeless. He’s serious about finding a forever home because no one wants to live at a shelter.

Morris Animal Refuge

The shelter writes online: “Adopt this jumbo-sized package of fluff and love, and help this sad-eyed guy find happiness!”
It is a mystery how this lovely feline hasn’t found his forever family, but we hope that soon he will be adopted. 
Contact the Morris Animal Refuge on Facebook for more updates and info about Mr. B.

Watch Mr. B on the video below:

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