20 Before and After Adoption Pics That Will Make Your Day

Whether you are at work, school or home, these 20 before and after photos will surely make you smile and light up your day. 

What better way to charge yourself with bliss and happiness than seeing some heart-warming pictures of happy adopted pets.

Some of them spent years caged in shelters hoping to find a caring family. Some were rejected by their families and had to adjust to shelter life, while others were abused and still didn’t lose their trust in humans. But the one thing they all have in common is that they were all adopted, they all got their happy ending. 

The adorable four-legged creatures found loving families and live their days in their forever homes, being pampered and loved.

Scroll down to see adopted pet photos that Go Animals have collected just for you to enjoy.

Here are some beautiful photographs that will warm your heart:

A little love goes a long way. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
The day I picked up my current foster VS. two weeks later from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Jax’s previous family decided they didn’t want him and kicked him out of the house, left to wander the streets for months until the pound picked him up. I can’t believe someone didn’t want this perfect pupper! from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Hank, formerly known as Cap’n Jack at the start of our foster experience, to his adoption. [6 weeks vs. 12 weeks] His glaucoma has improved tremendously and he’s become a giant cuddle bug. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
His first week with me to now at 3 years old❤️ from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Found in a storm. Neglected. Matted. Hungry. Now he lives like a king. Meet Sammy. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
From death row at a tiny shelter out in eastern kentucky to weekly pupuccinos at Starbucks from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
My platoon found a stray kitten while on deployment. He was suffering from starvation and couldn’t open his eyes. Pic on the left was taken about a month ago. One on the right was taken this morning from r/HumansBeingBros
I’ve been fostering this baby for about 3 weeks. He had mange, worms, followed by a bacterial infection. After several close calls, he’s doing great! Basically a new cat. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Link almost didn’t make it (wasn’t eating, needed hospitalization) when I got him from the shelter at 5 mo. old… here is my sweet boy 9 years later enjoying life! from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
This girl (Mucca) is our 2nd rescue from Manhattan ACC. She was about 30 minutes from being put down due to kennel cough and pneumonia. She was found running around the Bronx with a massive steal chain around her neck. She’s got the best smile now 🙂 from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
The day we first adopted Rusty vs. 4 months after, amazing what some love & TLC does ❤️ from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
From hungry boi to healthy boi :3 from r/MadeMeSmile
She was given away because she was the sick one of the litter. She had mange and a bad case of worms. Now she’s my beautiful, healthy, golden pup. The best thing to happen to me! Most recent picture of her posted(she’s 4) from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
We found Nezumi ditched outside our gym a year ago from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Small fluffy boi to Big fluffy boi from r/Eyebleach
Blue got his forever home today! from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Found this sweet girl abandoned at a cemetery a couple months ago. She has made so much improvement and has been the most perfect addition to our family💜 meet Vera from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Two photos taken an hour apart. Before and after adoption. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption
Becker was found on the street in bad shape. many baths and many meals later, he’s fabulous. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption

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