15 Pictures of Happy Dogs Before and After Adoption

The ongoing issue of shelter dogs waiting for forever home, unfortunately, hasn’t come to an end but there are some lucky dogs that one day found themselves being loved by a loving human companion who saved them from sad shelter life.

And while many dogs still waiting for someone to rescue them, people still choose to buy dogs from puppy mills, worsening the issue.

People who have never adopted a dog will never understand how incredible it feels to save a life and the rescue pups are forever thankful and appreciative of the life-saving decision.

Here are some before and after pictures that will show you how happy dogs are to be adopted. The following pictures will surely warm your heart and make your day, enjoy!

1. Scarlett

2. Steve

3. Leo

4. Teddy

5. Holland

6. Pillow

7. Max

8. Edgar

9. Spokey

10. Jackson

11. Mischka

12. Mr. Whiskey Party

13. Pig Pen

14. Chex

15. Charlotte

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