1,000 Corgis have taken over San Francisco beach for Corgi Con

Corgis are one of the most adorable dog breeds. Their cute little tail and their tiny bodies are just to die for! Now picture a beach full of them, it’s almost too cute for words. 

Apparently, heaven is a place on earth! No less than 1,000 corgis ran over San Fran beach at Corgi Con. The real question is: why weren’t we invited? The spectacular sight of 1,000 Corgis running around the beach makes even the hardiest dog-hater want to be a Corgi owner or even an actual Corgi.

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It’s the fifth year of Corgi Con, and this edition was just incredible. They hit the biggest number yet with over 1,000 Corgis. Alaina Roberts, Corgi owner said that Corgis aren’t aware of how funny they look, they take themselves too seriously.

Aside from being a part of something so amazing, there are plenty of fun activities to do with your Corgi friend at the Corgi Con; group photos, costume contests, and even Corgi races!

The adorable pictures of this event took over Instagram in a way that makes us regret we weren’t there.

In the wake of this spectacular success, other cities have heard about the event and realized that no big city can call itself ‘great’ without hosting events like Corgi Con!

According to The Corpus Christi Caller Times, recently, Texas City hosted its own version of Corgi Con as well inspired by the California Corgi Con. Hoodline reported that the event takes place during June and October, so if you’ve missed June’s edition you have one more chance to experience the awesome gathering in October.

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