10 Facts You Must Know About Your Cat

We all think we know our cats best, but there’s always something new to learn. Here are ten cool facts that every cat owner must know!

1. there’s a misconception that cats see only black and white, but cats’ vision is similar to color-blind human’s vision. Which means cats can see only green and blue shades.

2. How long do cats sleep? You’ve probably wondered why your cat sleeps the whole day through, don’t worry your cat is completely fine and it’s completely normal because cats sleep anywhere from sixteen to twenty hours a day!

3. Cats have a small blind spot; they can’t see objects that are under their nose. So, if you want to spoil them with a treat be thoughtful and hold it above their nose.

4. Cat’s litter can have multiple fathers, sometimes sibling kittens look very different, the first assumption that comes up to our heads is that they aren’t from the same father, well you are right.

5. Why do cats bury their excrement? Besides the fact that cats are neat animals, they often cover their poop since their wild instincts tell them to show animals that threaten them that they don’t try to challenge their dominance.

6. Though cats love roaming on the grass there are some plants that are potentially toxic for them such as daffodils that can cause vomiting. Aloe vera, lilies, Iris and tulips can also be dangerous to your cats.

7. Kittens are born deaf- When kittens are born their ear canals are closed, about a week after the calving, the ear canals start to open.

8. Cats love relaxing and sleeping on high objects not because they plan something shady but rather because their instinct to protect themselves tells them to stay at a good vantage point.

9. female cat can get pregnant as soon as she is in hit again, sometimes it could be right after she gives birth to her litter.

10. Why do cats scratch furniture? Cats scratch furniture for various reasons; to leave signs so other cats know that it’s their territory, to stretch their bodies and extend their nails.

Remember, you can learn something new about your cat every day! 

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