10 Before and After Picture of Dogs Who Were Called Good Boys!

We all have a unique way to connect with our pups but there are two words that all the pooches know – “good boy”!  After all, they’re our best friends in the whole wide world! Nevertheless, we share our deepest, darkest secrets with them, and we know that they’ll never tell. 

If you were looking for proof, one enthusiastic Reddit user created a thread that shows how dogs react to “good boy/girl” and how they look before their owners praise them. 

The loving compliment made each and every canine as happy as can be – just look how adorable they are after they hear the affectionate praise.

1. Well, he calmed down quickly!

2. How happy is this cutie-patootie?!

3. “Did you just tell me I’m a good dog? Did you?”

4. This one also received a hamburger for being so adorable. He definitely deserves it.

5. What bliss! We want to kiss him back.

6. This canine knows who’s boss – he is.

7. He’s shy one!

8. Are you talking to me?!

9. What did you just say?

10. “Yay! He loves me. And you know what?! I love him too!”

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