1 Bed, 2 Humans, 8 Dogs

Those who refer to something bad when they say “it’s a dog’s life” got it completely wrong. Some dogs have it better than we do. When we welcome a new dog to our home, it automatically becomes a member of the family and we surely want it to feel as comfortable as it can. This family took it to a whole other level.

Mr Mo Project

Meet Mariesa and Chris Hughes, an inspiring couple from Clifton Park, New York. They have adopted no less than eight rescue dogs. You probably ask yourself where do they all sleep at night, well the answer is in their parents’ bed!

Mr Mo Project

You might think that the loving couple has completely lost it, yet science confirms that women sleep better next to dogs than next to men.  

Unfortunately, the couple’s bed isn’t as big as their hearts, so they had to find a creative solution to fit all of their four-legged companions in the bed.

What better way to figure it out than contact the creative collaborator and enthusiastic designer who also happened to be a dog fan, Michael Ford. Ford is a professional furniture maker who loved the idea of helping the New Yorker couple with their eight-dogs accommodation issue.

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